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Why do we exist?

Trevor Scullion founded Automationforce Inc back in 2008 with the goal of building CAD automation solutions for all types of products. This quickly led his team into various projects from Ambulance design to steam generation machines.

One of those projects attempted to automate the design of an electrical substation which evolved from a custom one off automation project and with the help of Dan Gerlach joining the Automationforce team, developed into an industry leading tool that we called Substation Design Suite.

As the tools gained traction with more and more electric utilities and engineering firms and Drew Miller joining us to drive our sales efforts, Autodesk took notice of the market and in January of 2018 acquired the tools from Automationforce.

Automationforce inc is now focused on changing the way the world views 3D content. We are helping customers leverage their CAD information via our CAD analytics platform and augmented reality solutions.
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Build the world’s first cloud based CAD analytics platform – Zoeked! 
Help customers leverage existing CAD data for AR.
Add value to every customer with every single engagement. 

Automationforce maintains several websites that provide valuable information and industry insights. These goal with all of our sites is to share valuable information on how we are helping customers prepare for the future by planning today.

View our blog on Zoeked.com for valuable insights on making your decisions on CAD spending.

Sign up for a sample report and complete the puzzle of CAD upgrades.

Sign up for one of our Zoeked reports and get started analyzing user, hardware and training data.

Save reports locally and use them within your own spreadsheet analysis for future reference.

Before you upgrade, look at which features your users are using the most. Compare to newer versions.

A single Zoeked report over as little as a 30 day period will begin to paint a picture of your CAD ecosystems.

With the massive interest in Augmented Reality gaining strength daily, we launched theAugmentedlab.com to share our findings with the great technology. From Microsoft HoloLens to ARCore to ARkit, we are testing them all. Check out our lab, read some blogs and gain some valuable insight to this new world of programming.

For our HoloCAD product, connect with us at: holoCAD.IO

The Substation Design Suite Industry Consortium (SDSIC) was established back in 2013. Automationforce help found this consortium and established a group website to help users share valuable information. We are still hosting this site today and continue to be active members.