Zoeked! CAD Analytics
Like an automated consultant, Zoeked™ provides CAD Administrators with all of the data they need to make intelligent decisions around every day CAD system needs.

Deciding how to best allocate your CAD budget is a tough decision that Zoeked™ simplifies. By measuring hardware performance, software usage and even user efficiencies, Zoeked™ provides detailed analysis that clearly show these points on an easy to read report.

When that critical time of year arrives and decisions need to be made on upgrading or not, Zoeked™ is a powerful tool to leverage. The detailed analysis will show the return on investment in software and hardware upgrades.

Zoeked™ reports are personalized with your data and available when your want them. You will receive an automatic link to your online reports at a frequency you choose OR you can login to Zoeked.com anytime you wish and review your reports directly.

To take a detailed look at Zoeked™, visit our product site at Zoeked.com

“What gets measured gets managed.”

– Peter Drucker, the father of management theory